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FANPLAY is an exciting, secure, on-chain betting platform allowing you to place bets on epic new games. Get started now!

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Loads more exciting games coming shortly!
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FANPLAY allows you to be a part of the action, without having to play the underlying game or own any of the assets. Start betting on the outcome of games straight away!

Game Enviroment

Immersive Experience

Bet on a variety of exciting live games from one platform - desktop and mobile. More games coming soon!

New Games To Bet On

Tired of the same casino games? Not anymore! FANPLAY has fresh new games for you to punt on!

Blockchain Benefits

FANPLAY is 100% on-chain, making it fully secure and providing total transparency. You see what we see!

Sharing Is Caring

FANPLAY has been built by gamers, so streaming and sharing is at the heart of the platform bet with your mates now!



We’re currently on-boarding an arsenal of exciting, competitive and engaging Web3 games that we can apply our revolutionary smart-contract wagering technology to that allows spectators to participate in the game and lay down a bet. If you’re interested in discussing how FANPLAY can bring more users to your game, get in touch!


Supercharge User Growth

Allowing spectators to participate in the game leads to a portion of them converting into actual players, helping with your user acquisition goals.

Monetization Layer

We allow you to further monetize your game and userbase by offering a revenue share in the gambling revenue - everyone wins!

Regulatory Shield

We are fully licensed in the markets we operate, taking the burden of regulation off your hands.

Easy Integration

Plug-and-play design allows for easy integration and visibly fast results.

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